VéGé Group, The project that arrives at 100 points of sale

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Dialogue between point of sale and smartphone of customers. The Beacon project comes alive

During the last edition of the Consumer & Retail Summit in Milan, Giorgio Santambrogio , CEO of the VéGé Group , had underlined two aspects to identify a new model for retail and large-scale distribution: starting to consider customers as ” individuals ” and push on the ” tailorisation ” of the point of sale, which must become more and more tailored to the customer . This vision includes the development of Beacon technology in the sales points of the VéGé Group’s national network.

What is it? “Beacon devices are Bluetooth sensors that detect the presence and position of smartphones remotely, enabling them to exchange data. In this way, the point of sale is able to interact with the customer from the moment he enters and follow him as he moves between lanes, providing information on products and signaling news and promotions with a more or less accentuated level of personalization “explains ‘company in a statement announcing that after the first test phase launched last May, now the implementation has almost reached 100 stores .

A decisive acceleration, therefore, that arises from the awareness of the now wide spread of smartphones among the population. At the moment , the one developed by the VéGé Group – in collaboration with the CheckBonus platform – is not only the first and largest Beacon project applied in supermarkets in Italy, but, considering time and size, also at the forefront of the international market. “To give an order of ideas – underlines the company – only three months ago the giant Tesco launched its trial in 270 Tesco Express Store”.

According to Santambrogio, what wants to be a real change of paradigm of the sales point can have a decisive push right through the implementation of the Beacon project: ” We intend to make each of our 1800 stores a customized supermarket that makes the customer experience a shopping experience ‘tailor made’, dropped in the territorial area but also open to collaborations and innovative synergies “. Pierluigi Casolari, founder and CEO of ChackBonus, confirms the commitment of the VéGé Group to follow this direction: “We are working closely with the top management of the Group and the managers of the individual stores to get to offer their customers the same experience as personalized and rewarding purchase that today is experienced by over 110,000 consumers who have downloaded our app on their smartphones “.

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