Beacons at railway stations in India
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Google and Wi-Fi Provider Railtel had been using Beaconstac‘s platform at railway stations all across India. It is one of the world’s largest railways, with 71,000 miles of track. When visitors were nearby the beacons at the stations, they would receive a silent notification about how to access the free WiFi.

In total, approximately a 15 percent click-through rate was achieved with 1 million notifications sent. 15 percent is an incredibly high number – we have seen and heard that CTRs for Eddystone, in general, are 2-5%. 2-5% is still a lot higher than what you might see on Google Adwords, but 15% is pretty incredible. This shows the potential of a well-designed notification providing a lot of value for a great location. Free internet, while you’re waiting for your train, is hard to resist.

Besides the strong added value of the notification, we also think that it was more successful because it was launched at a place where people generally have downtime. The Eddystone beacon notification is silent. If people are just walking by your store, for example, they are less likely to be checking their notifications. It still might be worth setting up a beacon, as you’ll still get impressions of passersby in a non-intrusive way, but it is not as likely to be as effective as at a station, on a bus, in a taxi or at an event where people have more time to see what you’re sending them.

While not everyone can offer free internet, this project shows that if you have a well-thought-out campaign you can get a very high click-through-rate. This installment also shows potential for larger scale Eddystone business cases – it includes a fairly large amount of hardware with 2,000 beacons and involves a few big players.