Bringing mannequins to life with iBeacon technology
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Retail has always been ahead of the curve with beacon use cases. Another interesting retail use case is – Ted Bakers, a global fashion retailer in Westfield White City, London that employees their mannequins as sales-persons and thus enhancing experience and engagement with customers.

Imagine a non-living mannequin talking to a lady who is silently admiring the mannequin’s attire – Just the thought of it shudders WOW moments!

How does this work?

Ted bakers have installed beacon hardware inside mannequins. These beacons detect any smartphone in the range and push notifications to already downloaded apps on the customer’s smartphone.

These notifications are smartly being used for:

  1. Sending information about the dress, accessories, shoes and everything the mannequins is wearing.
  2. Giving access to store items directly on the brand’s website – in case the customer wants to order it online and have it delivered at home.
  3. Also, locate the closest brand store.

Benefits to the store

Apart from inciting amusement in customers, in-built beacons have more to offer for the store owner. Here are few of them –

  1. Enhanced in-store experience and engagement with customers.
  2. Boost the store sales number by giving customers the access to deals, rewards and additional offers.
  3. Virality of the store – Ted Bakers also had a good success with spreading the word about the store. Customers used the material on the notifications to create lookbooks, share inspirations with friends, pass on referral codes and more.
  4. Attract more people into the store by helping them navigate to the store.