International Auto Show
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The San Diego International Auto Show integrated beacon technology, powered by Piper, to give the manufacturers insights into how the visitors were engaging with their exhibits.

Utilizing Piper’s app and beacons, the automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota and many more, delivered captivating mobile content and special messaging from the cars to nearby visitors as they walked past.The show was a great success for the participating automotive brands with the Piper app and beacons delivering more than 32,000 notifications to attendees’ smartphones. Using all the data, the brands were able to assess which beacons/vehicles were having the greatest engagement in real time and which messages were resonating most.


Piper also supplied them with a post show analysis and heat maps that indicated dwell time around beacons. This type of data in very useful in assessing visitor flow through their booths and provides a way for them to improve at each show. One manufacturer noticed that their visitors were spending a large part of their time using the charging station they set up as a courtesy. Moving forward they realized the station could be used as a tactic to get visitors to spend more time around their featured vehicles instead of putting it on the edge of their exhibit.

Smartphones have become a natural way for us to make the places we visit more meaningful. We planned a fantastic event that showcased the best new automotive technology from around the world and we were the perfect venue for using proximity technology to further connect attendees with the brands and their latest vehicles.

– Kevin Leap, Director of the San Diego International Auto Show

In addition to up-close proximity based content, the Piper App helped attendees purchase tickets, find their way around the show floor, get important information about parking, and direct attendees to the test drive areas. The Piper App also keeps a history of the exhibits and vehicles visited, helping everyone to reconnect with the vehicles after the show.