Our Services

Proximity Marketing
Proximigate’s Proximity Marketing solution transforms the retail in- store experience by providing intelligence and tools that enable brands to make well-informed business decisions. Leveraging beacons technology, our solutions help boost in-store traffic, understand customer preferences, increase customer loyalty, analyse product performance statistics in real-time, and enhance customer engagements.
Indoor Navigation
Indoor Navigation technology allows everyone to navigate in a large venue. Proximigate helps individuals and professionals to move around and optimize their visits.</p> <p>Uses are numerous and ubiquitous on daily or occasional journeys: Finding a boarding gate, visiting a lot of stands during a trade show, settling in the right meeting room, identifying one’s parking slot, reaching the consultation room of a hospital, selecting a shop …
Data Analytics
The real beacon benefit is ultimate, ethical customer data collection at a scale that can then be used to improve both real-time and right-time marketing, in-store and online.
With a professional team we can deliver all your needs to start your BLE beacon experience, if you have any question don't hesitate to ask us.